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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the results?

Results are 98% or better accurate for the front windshield of supported makes. Please report any accuracy issues you find using the in-app "Report An Issue" button so that we can continue to improve our accuracy.

Do you support all glass openings?

At this time we support all glass openings except sunroofs. Please note that success rates are higher with windshield parts.

What is a "successful lookup"?

A success means we were able to return exactly 1 matching part per VIN and glass opening.

What if the system highlights multiple parts?

Sometimes our system can only narrow the options down. This is not considered a success and you will not be billed. However, often these results can still answer your question - i.e. if only parts with a rain sensor are highlighted you can be sure the vehicle is equipped with a rain sensor.

How often am I charged for usage?

Weekly or when charges accumulate to over $100, whichever comes first.

The system decoded the wrong vehicle but correct piece of glass - what gives?

Because of differences between NAGS vehicle trim options and trim options as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, we may sometimes display the wrong vehicle. Please let us know using the "Report An Issue" button if you encounter this (or any) issues.

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